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Laure Winants is a researcher and field-based visual artist (BE, FR). Winants set up her artist’s studio in the heart of the Arctic ice pack. Embarked on a four-month polar expedition, she joined a team of multidisciplinary researchers to understand the evolution of this vast territory, where man is only a tiny part of life. Immersed in this white desert, she uses techniques developed specifically to capture the optical and luminous phenomena unique to the region. Using environmental sensors, the interaction of matter itself has become the creator of the work, putting human intervention to one side. Laure Winants makes this data tangible and emotionally perceptible, highlighting the interdependence of ecosystems and creating encounters in more-than-human temporalities. In this way, the artist creates a dialogue between art, the natural sciences, and technology. 

Laure has exhibited her work internationally in Berlin (DE), Reykjavik (IS), Brussels (BE), Paris (FR), and soon in Stockholm (SE), Luxembourg (LU), and Osaka (JP). Her work has entered the collection of several foundations, such as the Fondation des Arts du Luxembourg and the Palais de Liège (BE).

Selected Exhibitions

Matière Critique, group show, ISELP, Brussels, BE, 2024
Time Capsule, solo show, Japan Gallery, JP, 2024
Epreuves de la Matière, group show, BnF, curated by Héloïse CONESA (Département des Estampes et de la photographie /BnF) Paris, FR, 2023
Time Capsule, solo show, Gallery ODRADEK, Brussels, BE, 2023
La Biennale de l’Image Tangible, Group show, Paris, FR, 2023
Les Alchimistes du Sensible, Group show, Fisheye Gallery, Paris, FR, 2023
Albedo, ArtParis 2023, with Fisheye Gallery, Paris, FR, 2023
Phenomena, Group show, Tiny Gallery, Bruxelles, BE, 2023
Albedo, Solo show, Permanent exhibition at Metro Brussels, BE, 2023
Climate Sensor, Solo Show, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, FR, 2022
Phenomena, Video installation work in collaboration with the faculty of Earth Science Haskoli Islands, Sim Gallery, Reykjavik, IS, 2022
Cosmos, ODRADEK Gallery, Brussels, BE, 2022
Climate Sensor, Tiny Gallery, Brussels, BE, 2022
Landscapes And Timeshift with Olivier Guyaux and Peter Friess, Tiny Gallery, Brussels, BE, 2021
Exhibition Résidence 1+2, in collaboration with CNRS, Bibliothèque National de France, Fisheyes Magazine, Mairie de Toulouse, Toulouse, FR, 2021
En piste ! Exposition du Prix de la création, Musée des Arts de Liège, Liège, BE, 2021
CCHA, Hasselt, BE (postponed), 2021
Group Show, Centre de la Gravure, La Louvière, BE, 2021
Group show, Glogau AIR Kreuzberg, Berlin, GE, 2020
Solo show, Tiny Gallery, Bruxelles, BE, 2020
Group show, Art au Centre,Liège, BE, 2020
Solo show, RAVI, Liège, BE, 2020
The Comet is Coming, Musée de la photographie, Charleroi, BE, 2019
The Comet is Coming, La Cambre, Bruxelles, BE, 2020


British Columbia Arts Council, research grant, Words from a tongue we are losing, with Patrick Blenkarn CA, 2023
Canada Council for the Arts, research grant, Words from a tongue we are losing, with Patrick Blenkarn, CA, 2022        

Laureate Prix Sofam, BE, 2022

Finaliste Prix Dahinden, FR, 2022

Laureate Prix Fintro, FR, 2022

Laureate commission arts visuels, BE, 2022

Laureate commission arts visuels, BE, 2021
Laureate Futur pour la Culture, BE, 2021
Finaliste Prix de la Gravure, BE, 2020
Finaliste Prix de la Création, BE, 2020
Laureate commission arts visuels, BE, 2019


EIB Art Collection Luxemburg, LUX
Palais de Liège collection, BE
Collections privées Paris, Bruxelles, Suisse

Selected Publications

Camera Austria, 2023
Echos Weekend, Sensing Landscape, 2023
Telerama, Les Alchimistes du Sensible à la galerie Fisheye, 2023
Magazine Fisheye, La Fisheye Gallery s’invite au 25e anniversaire d’Art Paris Art Fair, 2023
Sustainability Luxembourg Magazine, Laure Winants entre Science et Symbiose, 2023
Le Soir, Laure Winants à à la galerie ODRADEK, 2022
Magazine Fisheye, Matières premières : Alchimistes du Sensible, 2022
L'Art Même, Prix Sofam 2022
Province de Liège, Focus 2022
Cité des arts, Artiste Belge Laure Winants, 2022
Filigranes Editions, Rhizome Livre d’artiste, 2021
Today In Liège, 15 artistes Liégeois exposent au Palais, 2021
L'Art Même - Albedo où le pouvoir réfléchissant d'une surface, 2021
Pour la Science, Quelques clichés sur l’avenir de la terre, 2021
Communiqué de Presse Occitanie Ouest, 2021
Le Journal Toulousain, 2021
Centre Wallonie Bruxelles Paris, Magazine Absys, 2021
Point Culture, Prix de la Gravure, Conscience bien gravées 2020, 2021
Fisheye Magazine, Lumière sur les séléctionnées de la Résidence 1+2, 2021
Mu in the City, Prix de la gravure 2020
IheartBerlin, 2020
Open studios catalogue by Laura Oleo, Glogau AIR, Berlin, 2020
RTBF Marie Honnay, 2020
Prix de la création Liège, 2020
Le Soir, Carte Blanche, Laure Winants Arpenteuse et photographe, 2020
Gael Magazine, 2020
Serendipity Art au Centre Liège, 2020
Brownie Photo, 2020
Photographie Now, 2019
9lives magazine, Anyways the wind blows, 2019
L’oeil de la photographie, Bruxelles 60/60, 2019
Le Soir, Laure Winants entre Sciences et Poésie, 2019